Patriot Raja Birendra

The true story of the massacre that took place inside the palace on the evening of June 3, 2008 about 20 years.

Former King Gyanendra Shah has said that the heartbreak caused by the Durbar massacre will never be forgotten. On Wednesday (today), Gyanendra tweeted that only destiny has the right to help and support, and the then King Virendra Shah has expressed sorrow over the descent of his step-brother family.

During the family gathering, the then King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, Prince Dipendra, Prince Nirajan, Princess Shruti, Prince Dhirendra, Princess Jayanti, Princess Shanti, Princess Sharda, Kumar Khadka and other members of the royal family were shot dead.

He said the Durbar murder case was still a mystery and it was not known how long it would take to get an answer. The dynasty of the then King Birendra Shah was to be celebrated on June 3, 2058 BS. Although a task force has been formed to investigate the matter, the truth about it has not been found yet.

Tweeting, Gyanendra said, “A heart attack that will never be forgotten.” Only destiny has the right to sever ties. No one still knows how much time it takes to get answers to unanswered questions. A heartfelt tribute to my dear brother and his family. ‘

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