Paul answer when Aanchal chose him instead of the superhero.

In the Nepali film industry, Pal Shah is known as a great hero. Appreciating Hamal’s contribution to the Nepali film industry, filmmakers and spectators have given him this title.

Many famous artists have come into controversy from time to time for speaking wrongly about Rajesh Hamal. Meanwhile, the answer given by actress Aanchal Sharma in an interview went viral on social media.

Aanchal chose Pal Shah when she was asked to choose Rajesh Hamal and Pal Shah in Prakash Subedi’s silver screen program.

After this choice, many happily accepted the choice of the region, while some even opposed this choice.

Recently, Aanchal had chosen the protagonist Pal Shah, who is above the craze he got from performing in various social works, because he played the role of another real hero in social work.

Meanwhile, in an interview, Aanchal has come up with the idea of ​​Paul when he is fasting. Pal Shah considers Rajesh Hamal as God.
What did Paul say when Aanchal did not like Rajesh Hamal? She was also asked in the same interview when to get married. In which his answer was as follows.

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