Paul Deus exhaled, Santosh Deuja came, Rabbi Lamichhane was insulted while protesting.

Journalist Santosh Deuja and his wife Anuska Deuja and Sunita Bhandari had a special discussion with Gopi Krishna Chapagain, presenter of artist khabar. Santosh said that Paul Sah would be released from jail soon. He said that his wife and Sunita would feel as if they had met a member of their own family even when they went to visit Paul Sah Kai. “People started hurling insults when Santosh tried to talk about Rabbi Lamichhane,” he said.

Anuska said that tears came to her eyes when she went to see Paul. Although Santosh was considered an idol by Rabbi Dai when he was a journalist, now that he is a politician, everyone has the right to question him, but he has been criticized for criticizing the seven points he has made. Renowned journalist Santosh Deuja was in Chapagaon for the Sonu UNICEF Sanol opening. Santosh Deuja, who has been raising the issues of the common people of the house, says that he has a good friendship with Paul Sah. He said that Paul Sah was not only the hero of the movie, but also the hero of the real suffering poor. According to Santosh, the media did not write about him when he went to jail, even the media did not talk about him.

Speaking on behalf of Paul from beginning to end is a form of worship, he said. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. According to Santosh, Paul Sah and Durgesh Thapa were involved in the plot. Paul Sah, the king of Nepali music videos and a well-received figure in the film industry, has been in jail for a long time, and even though voices have been raised from the parliament to the streets, the court is delaying him from getting justice.

Paul Sah, who has been in jail for a long time, has been asked by the National and International House of Representatives to keep Paul Sah in jail. He is angry that he has to be kept in jail. For a long time, the date of her trial has been postponed for various reasons, which has led to delays in getting justice for Paul Sah. He said that after the case was weakened by the victim who did not file the complaint, Paul Sah came closer to justice.

He said that he would remain in jail until he was cleared by both the courts. According to Bhurna Bahadur, of the two courts, the one who is sentenced the most will be sentenced. There is a legal provision to file a complaint within a year of the incident. Based on the petition filed by the minor singer alleging rape, the protagonist Paul Sah, who was sent to jail for trial, has directed the Pokhara High Court against the order given by the district court.

According to Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, Information Officer, Pokhara High Court, Sah has filed an application in the High Court seeking release of the detainee in Tarif, rejecting the order of the District Court, Tanahu. After Paul Sah filed a case in Tanahu on March 26 alleging that he had repeatedly raped her, Sah went to the police on March 30 on the basis of a complaint. A bench of Justice Harris Chandra Dhungana sent Paul Sah to jail for trial shortly after the lawyers’ debate in Tanahu District Court on Thursday.

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