Paul Sah’s director, a close friend went to Gaindakot and returned with a statement

Paul Sah, known as the king of Nepali music videos and equally interested in the film industry, had been involved in the controversy for some time now. Now that Paul and the reviewer are at loggerheads, the entire music and film industry has to bear the brunt, according to the account.

Naresh Khati to be the creator of popular songs like Gir Piplu Bar, Hasnu Sikayou, Timrai Mayale, Hasnu Sikayou starring hero Paul Sah. In the video, Sijal has acted with Maxim, the song that reaches the club of crores in a double song, the first song that Paul has acted is his own, said Nares. Although the song was prepared to be made public on March 29, Naresh said that it was made public 12 days after the escalation of the Paul Sah case. He noted that the success of Naresh’s collaboration with Paul Sah, a reviewer, was important to the two artisans, and that the incident should be resolved quickly.

Pal Sah, one of the most popular artists in Nepali music videos and movies, is one of the most popular music award recipients in recent times. Paul Sah and the reviewing officer had a love affair. After the market heated up last time, the two wrote on their social media that they had two good friends and were trying to tarnish their own image by writing names.

A few days ago, the reviewer wrote a status saying that women should not be considered weak. She says I will not say anything long, on 24 October 2021 on my Facebook wall, far from the reality of what was written. He had revealed that both Samiksha and Pal Sah had only defamed themselves by writing their names and that they were only artists working together.

He is now focusing not only on Nepali movies, but also on Nepali music videos. Pal Sah is in love with the reviewing officer, and the marriage papers have already been signed with him. The reviewer, who has just turned 16, says she grew up to be a fan of Paul Sahki, watching Paul’s music videos. The review did not post on January 17, saying that if a woman felt weak and played with her feelings, she would not be able to cope with the woman’s power, so it is better not to think of women as weak.

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