Paul Sah’s interview with 4 bodyguards, my family says not the bodyguard in the interview

In order to motivate Nepali artists in their work, awards are given from time to time on the basis of their work talents.  There are many artists who spend their lives in the field of art. Not only the Nepali audience but also in the country and abroad, they are equally popular. Artists are the jewels of the nation.  In other areas, yours is mine, but artists are the same for everyone.

Paul Sah is an artist who rose above ordinary work. He started his career by doing technical work. Starting from technical, he is now playing a good role in music video movies.  The most talked about hero of the time, Pal Sah, has been the subject of controversy at various times. His contribution to Nepali art is very memorable.  There are a lot of people who like it. They are equally involved in social service.

Every video that Paul Sah has played has been discussed. Paul, who has been the best in music videos all day long, says that he considers all the people who work with him as his family.  Paul has a very close relationship. He is respected in the field of art. The successful artist who has won the hearts of the viewers now looks best in the music video.  He had been involved in such controversies before. Even now, Paul is involved in small disputes.

Music video singer Durgesh Thapa and he have been seen together on stage videos for some time. Since they have not met for some time, many have speculated that they may have moved away from him.  The two have a very good relationship. The two have done a lot of music videos and stage selfies together. The two are now a well-established couple.  .

All the people who worked with him are also Pal Sah’s fans who consider him as their family. Paul Meta, who received the award from Phulbutte Sari, emphasizes that the relationship between the actor and the actor should be smooth.  B Singh, Gaurab Thakur, Juri Thakur, Krishna Joshi, Nilesh Shrestha are all members of his family.  However, he told everyone that he was his brother. He said that the number of bodyguards was not given to him.

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