Paul Shah carrying oxygen cylinder with hunger and sleepless night

Nepali artists are also leading in social work. Pal Shah is one of them. In the first phase of corona
in Nepal, Pal Shah had to feed the hungry people who were not able to eat due to the lockdown
in the country. He has also served in the second phase of lockdown in Nepal.

The second variant of Kovid 19, which was last seen in Nepal, has found infection in many.
Also, many lives have been lost. With the increase in the number of infected people, the pressure
of patients has increased in the hospitals across the country and the shortage of oxygen has
started. Artist Pal Shah has started distributing oxygen cylinders after it was seen that the patient
was dying due to lack of oxygen. He is involved in the distribution of oxygen so that no one with
corona dies prematurely due to lack of oxygen.

In this connection, Paha Shah is distributing oxygen without food and water. He has spent many
nights asleep. His emphasis is on preventing people from dying rather than cremating them. He
has been distributing oxygen to the patients in various hospitals.

He has been carrying cylinders till 9 in the morning on the pretext of eating food at 11 at night.
Paul, who is a hero in real life, has become a hero even in real life. At a time when the country is
suffering from corona infection, Paul is in hospital. Nepali artists are locked inside the house to
avoid corona infection. But Pal Shah is taking the risk of Corona.

According to Ann, her fans and relatives used to text her asking her to take care of her.
According to him, he and his group are following the health standards and working safely. He
also said that if the gas industries were to distribute gas evenly, there would be no shortage of
oxygen in the country’s hospitals.

Some of the patients who died due to lack of oxygen said that they were revived due to the
oxygen provided by Paul. He said that it was the responsibility of Nepali citizens to save the
lives of the patients in the hospital. They are working to deliver oxygen in collaboration with
various teams. Tim Paul’s group is bringing oxygen from Bara, Parsa, to hospitals.

The government of Nepal has decided to pay Rs. 1,000 per corpse for cremation of the body of a
person who died from Covid 19. Paul’s group has said that they feel very bad about this decision
of the government. Therefore, our Nepal team and Pal Shah’s team are working hard not to let
them die instead of burning shame. After not being allowed to fill oxygen in the oxygen
company of Kathmandu, these groups have reached Bara of Parsa and returned to Kathmandu
overnight after filling oxygen. If it saves the lives of others during this epidemic, it is up to them to keep it.

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