Paul Shah fainted on the honeymoon question, keeping Kavita with him and talking openly about controversy, love and marriage

Known as the king of Nepali music videos, Pal Sah, who has been in the news lately, is an artist who has won the hearts of thousands of viewers. He is an artist who has won the hearts of Nepali audiences.  In the interview, Pal Sah has made fun of everything from marriage to Honeymoon. Paul Sah, who has been married 7-8 times on screen, was talked about from marriage to Hanumani.  He said that he played in some music videos without taking any money. Paul, who was introduced to the audience in a short time, has been releasing songs in the market day by day.

He said that it was a little different and fun to marry Kavita in Tharu culture. He said that even though he wanted to get married, he had no plans to get married right now.  “Everyone has a smile on their face when they talk about marriage,” he said. In the music video, he said that getting married will be fun for all the weddings as he will have his own bride.

Paul Sah said that even though he did a lot, he said that he did not go to Hanuman. He said that he felt good working with a new artist.  He said that he wants the fan base of newcomers to be more than his own. Some people use people’s tickets for money, some for promotion, time pass, but they use it for promotion, said Paul Sah.  He said that he is working for the promotion of everyone because he wants the progress of others. He said that he is happy in his field as the view of his music video has been good.

In the song he played, which he reported two or three weeks ago, he used to come for promotions in his spare time.  As promotion is impossible without any work, the artist says that all the teams should be involved in the promotion. Since promotion is not only available in the media, they are also promoted through other means while staying at home.  He said that the journalist was not allowed to enter the press conference without showing his card.

Paul Sah said that he used to play movies and music videos because he wanted to live in the minds of people from childhood to old age. He said that people should not follow what people say and keep working in their field.  He said that he did not believe in it. He said that he did not feel demotion in the movie industry as millions of viewers watched the videos he played.  Kabita has said that she enjoys playing music videos with Pal Sah.

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