Paul Shah is leaving today! The lawyer said, “They come out wearing full garlands.

Actor Paul Shah is appealing the district court’s decision to the Supreme Court. Shah, who is in jail awaiting prosecution for the rape of a young vocalist, will head to the Pokhara High Court today to argue against the Tanahun District Court’s detention decision.

The prosecution of actor Paul Shah, who was charged with raping a kid and sentenced to prison, has been postponed.

The lawyer representing actor Paul Shah has submitted a plea in court asking for the hearing to be postponed until Thursday. The accused was sent to jail for trial on the accusation of repeatedly raping a juvenile by the Tanahun District Court and the Nawalpur District Court. Shah has gone to the Pokhara High Court to contest the lower courts’ decisions.

In the case of Paul Shah, the Press Council, the National Human Rights Commission, and the Cyber ​​Bureau of the Nepal Police issued a statement that he willSome objectionable YouTube videos appear to have been removed. The court initially remanded Paul in custody and gave him seven days to investigate. It has beene announced that paul shah will be  releasing today.

The district court’s decision to imprison him pending trial is insufficient. According to Paul’s lawyer, senior advocate Kamal Mohan Wagle, he was ready to travel to the high court on Monday. “We were unable to attend yesterday owing to a lack of time. “Today, we’re heading to the Pokhara High Court to submit an appeal,” he explained.

He also added that he was preparing to submit an appeal because the judge had remanded Paul in detention despite his plea for a trial. “The order to imprison him issued by the Tanahun district court is neither legal, missile, or factual proof.” ‘We’re appealing the lower court’s decision in order to reverse the district court’s decision and have the matter considered in the higher court,’ he explained.

Shah allegedly raped the girl in Pokhara, Tanahun, and Gaidakot in the past, according to the girl’s police accusations. She had also filed a charge against Shah with the Gaindakot Area Police Office in Nawalparasi.

On February 23, the girl’s father filed a complaint with the District Police Office in Tanahun, alleging that Shah had raped his daughter several times.

On February 27, the 32-year-old actor surrendered to the District Police Office in Tanahun and was taken into jail.

Shah was ordered to be held in judicial custody for investigation on March 24 by the district court. Since his arrest, Shah has been held in jail.

The District Attorney’s Office has filed a charge sheet against Shah in Tanahun District Court based on a police investigation, requesting a 12-14 year jail term and appropriate restitution from Shah. The plaintiff was a juvenile under the age of 16 at the time of the occurrence, according to the complaint.

According to Nepalese law, the singer was a juvenile when she accused Shah of rapping her and promising her marriage. Days after a dispute erupted, she filed the complaint in Tanahun, with rumors circulating on different internet news agencies.

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