Paul shah. New Nepali full movie 2020. JOHNNY gentleman.

Paul Sah’s movie Gentlemen, which is very popular in the Nepali film industry and is known as the king of music videos, had a huge market. The film, which is full of love and social harmony, depicts the real events that have taken place in the society, showing how much people can struggle for their love in the present times.

Jenny, who appears to be the star of the gang, is equally adept at everything, the story describes her as a man who successfully completes every task. The film stars Paul Sah, Achal Sarma, Bikas Josi, Jain Kumar, Santosh Silwal Giri and others who are very popular in Nepali cinema. The dialogue, story, script; mahesh Dawali has done.

Paul, who is portrayed as Jenny’s character, is working as a gang star. His friends who are living with him are not busy with such simple work. Jenny gets out of jail for money, one day Jenny gets out of jail, the man who kills people for money. People fall in love with Jenny, a girl who is playing with a baby one day.

After falling in love with the girl he met on the way, Jenny, after seeing him, forgot the things he was doing. After falling in love with a girl, Jenny changes her life more than before and continues her journey. After falling in love, Jenny loses her happiness.

When a person tries to change the society, sometimes the society does not allow him to change. Mr. Jenny, who is involved in social work and his father, who is in business, is killed by some relatives while he is being taken abroad for sale. After exposing them, Jenny meets her boyfriend and rescues other girls who are being sold abroad.

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