Paul, who raped and talked for a year, was doubly punished

Paul Sah, the king of popular music videos and a protagonist who has made significant contributions to the Nepali film industry, has been remanded in custody after a minor filed a case with the police alleging that he had been raped. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Renu Adhikari has put forward his views.

Dr. Renu Adhikari said that no one has the right to use the body of any woman by cheating. “Everyone’s body, identity and identity are important, so no one has the authority to use it,” she said. Dr. Adhikari said that Ledobbar should be punished for playing with the spirit of review. She said that Paul Sah should be given double punishment for sexually abusing her and then cheating on her.

While trying to get into the hall of Paul Sah’s movie “I Sing Such a Song 2”, the reviewer posted an audio conversation with Paul Sah on social media and lodged a complaint with the police. Contemporary singer Elena Chauhan has shared her thoughts on social media, expressing her heartfelt condolences to Paul Sah.

Pal Sah, one of the most popular artists in Nepali music videos and movies, is one of the most popular music award recipients in recent times. Paul Sah and the reviewing officer had a love affair. After the market heated up last time, the two wrote on their social media that they had two good friends and were trying to tarnish their own image by writing names.

A few days ago, the reviewer wrote a status saying that women should not be considered weak. She says I will not say anything long, on 24 October 2021 on my Facebook wall, far from the reality of what was written. He had revealed that both Samiksha and Pal Sah were only working to discredit themselves by writing their names and that we were just artists working together.

He is now focusing not only on Nepali movies, but also on Nepali music videos. Pal Sah is in love with the reviewing officer, and the marriage papers have already been signed with him. The reviewer, who has just turned 16, says she grew up to be a fan of Paul Sahki, watching Paul’s music videos. The review did not post on January 17, saying that if a woman felt weak and played with her feelings, she would not be able to cope with the woman’s power, so it is better not to think of women as weak.

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