People are blind in love

There are many types of people. Some people are chasing after their goals while others are just having fun with their goals.  I don’t know that. People think of their own work and duty. But how often do honest people come to Pilsen from the same difference of opinion?
There is the strongest time in the world and time shows the whole world. Rich people have more fun than poor people. A diamond business man is dating models. That guy has been dating other girls before.

The model is dating the girl. At first everything was fine. The boy also gives her a diamond ring as a gift. Later, the girl becomes acquainted with the boy’s business friend.  The two of them, who are thinking of how to get rid of each other after getting a new one, plan to make a new plan and invite to meet one day. Both of them sit in a restaurant and chat.  They also order beer with the intention of opening a plan to become better.  Slowly opening the pole, both of them are shaking.  After a while, the two reconcile and the girl starts fighting by calling the boy’s ex-girlfriend as per the plan.  He doesn’t know that the girls are doing according to the plan. In a moment there is an agreement and a new couple is formed. The boy says give a hand to the new girlfriend.

The new girlfriend grabbed my old girlfriend’s hand, put her in a chair and started laughing. The boy is surprised and says why he laughed.  She says my life is your friend. She and I love each other very much. You can’t live without each other.  After hearing that, the boy tries to seduce his abandoned girlfriend, but after both of them refuse, they get separated for a while.  After a lot of arguing, the girls came out of the boy’s behavior and now they are wondering what will happen to the other girl.  Knowing all the moves, he had already set up his friend. Showing him, he says, “You are the pass of time. My ghost is the future and the present. This is the gift.”
Our society has not changed much since the turn of the century.  It is common to indulge in the vicious practice of consuming drugs such as alcohol, alcohol and cigarettes. Therefore, the more technology is discovered, the harder it is for the common man to make a living.  There are plenty of young people today who are at risk.

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