People offered human blood at Bhadrakali Temple saying they are ready to die for nation

People went mad at the Bhadrakali temple on the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday. They participated in the blood donation drive for our motherland in order to bring peace to the country. People have expressed their willingness to die for the country.


When a girl introduced herself as a woman named Sabita, she stated that she was a citizen of the country. As a citizen of the country, she was concerned about the country’s government and political process, therefore on the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday, they launched this program to bring peace to the country. She believed that by donating one drop of blood in the name of the country, the political situation in Nepal would improve and the country would be at peace.

Another well-known doctor noted that as citizens, we must fulfill a variety of duties. They also have a responsibility to contribute to the prosperity and safety of the country, which is why they initiated this campaign. This program, he argues, isn’t about sacrifice; it’s about donating a single drop of blood to our mothers. He went on to say that if they are tempted to do anything wrong that will hurt the country in the coming days, the blood they have donated to their motherland will remind them not to.

People in the Bhadrakali temple began giving their blood in order to keep the peace. They believed that when Lord Krishna was born, his mother sacrificed a large amount of blood as well. In Nepal, many people have given their lives for the sake of motherhood. They hope this will be the last time Nepal receives blood. They also believed that if there is a way there is a well. 

In front of goddess Bhadrakali, the people who had congregated at Bhadrakali had made a commitment. They stated that they would never do something that would harm the country. They will constantly take advantage of the country. Nepal is in a position to dream large and carry out a long-term vision that includes more and better services and opportunities for people for the first time in decades, thanks to every hardworking people . They will always remain loyal to their homeland.

When a journalist asks  guruji about a program, he begins by explaining that when people see someone in distress, whether they are lost, bewildered, upset, or have fallen, they act as if they don’t notice the individual. provide some assistance They are being self-centered. For the next 100 years, people will have to kill each other to stay alive. In order to survive, they must make sacrifices. However, we are only donating a small amount of blood in order to keep the peace. He went on to say that no matter how modern we get, we must not forget our traditions. Our deity is keeping an eye on us. Nowadays, children do not understand what is bad, so we should teach them how to be friendly to animals. We teach a child how to be kind to people who are in need.


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