People on the line of EDV who were strictly against MCC

When the MCC agreement is being made in Nepal, the people who have been protesting in the cutter, who have studied from general to a degree, are standing in line to fill the EDV.  Even though people say that Americans should not come to Nepal for any purpose, they have a lot of desire to go to America.  After not getting the life they thought in Nepal, people are very tempted to go to America in search of dreams and a future.

From government employees to big people in the private sector, there are those who have decided to travel abroad to make sure that there is no future in Nepal.  After studying in an expensive school and getting a job, people started traveling abroad after not getting the job and salary they were told.  The program “Samaya Chakra” broadcasted by Yoho television HD has done the job of criticizing the illegal, incongruous, immoral, and illegal activities in society.

In the present time, people are suffering from one human being to another human being, humans are changing according to the times, doing various wrong and right things, which the time cycle has taken special measures to stop.  The cycle of time has done the work of correcting the wrong actions done by people and taking the initiative to move them on a positive path.  Yash program has played an important role in reporting abnormal anomalies in society and reducing them.

If we look at socio-economic politics in Nepal, there are very few days when common citizens can confidently say that they are free.  The common people are always being affected by something or the other from the big group, it seems that in order to live a human struggling with another human being to advance his life, in Nepal the common people have to struggle a lot to get justice.  The real problems in society are done by the time cycle.

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