People welcomed Rabi by turning on their mobile phones

Rabbi Lamichhane said in a program held at Narayani Kinar in Chitwan: I have not come to destroy people’s houses, I have come to protect the country to build the future of your children. He has said that if we are given the majority to form the government, 100 Nepalis who are abroad will be given employment in Nepal within 100 days. The National Independent Party has said that they will not only come with their commitment letter during the election but will come to work after the election.

Even though some people have made various criticisms and accusations for their interests, Rabi has said that he will now ring the bell of corruption. Rabi has said that if the people of the independent party enter the parliament, they will open the hidden files and start various activities to stop the candidates. Even though he spoke loudly on television, now he has gone to the policy-making place and said that Nepali people should not go abroad and suffer

A lot of controversies have been created about Rabi Lamichhane, the president of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party, who is contesting the election from Chitwan Region No. 2, after receiving a complaint regarding his citizenship. Rabi accused a Nepalese citizen first in the Press Council, then in Chitwan Police in 2076, in the indictment letter of the Chitwan Government District Attorney. And after giving explanations from the order and judgment of the Chitwan District Court to the order of the Attorney General’s Office and the order of the High Court Hetounda, he again said how much should be known about citizenship.

Rabi Lamichhane said that even though politicians who have been in politics for a long time are not liked by the people, they are always greedy for seats and positions. The people who came into politics can’t do anything in the country, the people who work according to the sentiments of the people for the development of the country need experience, what have they done for the country and the people after being involved in politics for so many years. They have swept away the broom. Even though they are new in Nepali politics, Rabi has said that they have gained a lot of knowledge and experience on the subject of people’s happiness and nationhood.

Rabi Lamichhane, who is on a nationwide tour of the “Rashtriya Swatantra Party”, has collected olive oil from Kavre. He said that only the leaders and workers who always bear the suffering of the people will be rich, and their journey to free the country from the crisis will continue in the struggle. Rabi, who is in the hearts of the people by raising the issue of common citizens, has always said that he will work for the country and the people. He said that to change the country, every citizen should change their vote in the future, and the worthless people who have been ruling the country should show up in the upcoming elections.

Rabi Lamichhane, a well-known communication worker who has been creating a clean image in the eyes of ordinary citizens living abroad in the field of communication, said that even though he was involved in the media, circumstances led him to politics, in the middle of a program called “National Independent Party”. He has been visiting all areas of the country, meeting and cooperating with the people by establishing Nepali politics. Rabi said that despite knowing every leader of the corruption in society, people have not raised their voices against them till now.

He said that now the Prime Minister of the country also belongs to the party and faction, he said that the people have not got justice even now because most of the corruption is in the courts. He said that first of all, the corruption of the court should be removed and the seeds of a positive flower should be planted in society. He said that even though the parties in this country know their meaning and laws, they can walk in different ways, when they think freely that we will change society, why should they have a headache.

Rabi Lamichhane, who gained fame in a short time by engaging in Nepali journalism, fans often hold the opinion that he wants to see become the Prime Minister. After Balen Shah from Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Gopi Hamal from Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, and Hark Sampang from Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, who rose as independents in the local elections on Baisakh 30, became mayor with little expense, the people’s trust in the party was broken and good people. If they come, they will win whoever they want.

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