People who are angry about the excesses of the Halwalas should beg the Halwalas.

After the lockdown, the Nepali film industry has started to pick up a bit. In the situation where foreign films are getting a screen, when Nepali films are not getting their own, the actress Swasthima Khadka, who came to the honor program, is angry that she has to beg for a screen like begging the halwalas. She said that it is a sad thing that Nepali films are not getting a hall in the situation where they are not getting their investment.

Swasthima has said that she is very happy when she receives the award and since it does not last her whole life, for some time she takes the encouragement and motivation and works hard to get the next honor and motivation award. She said that awards are not small for any person and their importance is very important in life. She said that awards from local to national and international level are equally important in life.

Swastithima has told that the Nepali cinema sector has started to lag behind due to the action of Halwala Haru putting Nepali movies on off time and giving priority to foreign movies. She said that the Nepali film sector is always being manipulated by the time and not giving enough time to the actors and producers. It is found that the life of an actress who had a different dream, one dream of her family, another dream of her own in Sanoma is different.

Khadka, who walked on different paths, has now settled in the hearts of the general audience through Nepali movies, she shares her experience of working in many fields. Khadka is considered a successful actress who spends her life having fun with her friends right from her studies. When studying in class 4, Kheri remembers that she did not know anything and was very sad because her parents did not allow her to play Holi for entrance preparation. He claims that even though the teachers of those subjects do not like him because he is weak in mathematics and science, other teachers like him a lot.

Khadka, who is close to the teacher of Bisaya, who is supposed to study with laughter and fun, has now also acted in many music videos. He says that he has done a lot of work without knowing it since he was young, he used to think that he could do it even though he didn’t know about it when others told him to do something like that. Khadka, who has been doing dance and drama since childhood, was not sad when she could not get her name in the entrance of the commercial group. She said that even though the nurse filled the foam in other places, she was not able to get the name out. Later, Khadka, who got her name as an engineer after many struggles, also got a scholarship, she says that she studied by paying a small amount of money.

Khadka, who has a lot of desire in art, chose a different path than what she thought in life, she says that she studied for pleasure rather than persistence in life. She says that she has been involved in the Nepali Congress since the welcome program of the college without knowing it. I did not know that I am becoming a member of Nepali Congress, but after being a member of Nepali Congress for 3 years in college, my friends feel that they have less. Born in an army family, Khadka says that she has a dream of becoming a Lepton. He also believes that if he is confident in himself, he can do anything. She says that I used to do some work with many confidants.

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