Phone Uthaune Hariyole. Rajan Raj Shiwakoti. Eleena Chauhan Ft.Riyasha. Begum Nepali New Song

With the change of society, new technologies and technology are coming in the market day by day. Now new types of mobiles is in the market. The song is sung by Alina Chauhan, starring this song, “Gahro Cha Ho Malai” starring Begum Nepali, Riyasa Dahal in the comedy TV series. Chauhan has given his voice in many songs. Rich artists of Gala Kala, to be the favorite artist of many people in recent times, to put new kinds of songs in the market, Elena and Rajan Raj have brought new songs to the market in contemporary subject.

It’s hard to believe that my favorite actors from the comedy TV series, the actors have acted in the song which carries the social environment. With the development of technology, people have got mobile phones in their hands, people can do a lot of work from the phone, so the father sent his daughter a good mobile phone to make it easier for her to exchange news. They have speculated as to who gave the expensive mobile phone.

When the father gives the daughter a mobile phone, the husband teaches the two of them to call each other, to pick up the phone, to walk away, to walk away. Most people nowadays get married at a young age, have children, some couples get married late, get married only after arranging their own arrangements.

Presenting new Nepali song phone uthaune hariyole by Rajan raj shiwakati Eleena chauhan featuring Riyasha Dahala, Begam Nepali only on rhythem maker, s offical youtube channel, D series present “s-new nepali song2022, phone uthaune hariyole, music: Rajendra Shrestha, lyrics: Roshani, arrange: krishna bk, mix-masterring: shyamshwet rasaily, cast: Riyash dahal, begama nepali, manaraj Shrestha, karuna Shrestha, Rajkumar Devkota, Aakrti Neupane, MUA: saksham pudashaini, post production: Dragon pictures

When her husband asked her why she had come to tease the sleeping tiger with black vaccine, she said that the person who gives coolness to Mrs. Bana is called Banamara, Marda, you are Hutihara, she said. As they get it, they feel like blaming each other, they are moving on with their lives. While the boy is saying that there is gold theft in the gold shop, the girl is saying that he is talking about his heart now. Who gave Bhatbhat his wife such an expensive mobile That is, they are worried, but when he asks his friend, when he hears what your father-in-law has said, he goes to seduce his wife.

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