The top song of the much awaited movie “A Mero Hazur 4” has been released. Organizing a program in the capital on Friday, the production team has released the top song of “Fulko Thunga”. The song features melodious voices of popular singer Sugam Pokharel and singer Asmita Adhikari.

Watch the full video:

Singer Hoogam Pokharel and singer Asmita Adhikari have a duet voice in the song composed by mixing the hook line of the song ‘A Mero Hazur’ directed by late Shiva Regmi. Kalyan Singh has composed the music for the song composed by Ravi Malla.

The video of the song shot in Nepal’s tourist destination She-Foksundo features the film’s main protagonist Anmol KC and heroine Suhana Thapa. The beautiful scenery of She-Foksundo captures the heart as much as it captures the couple in the video. Sanjay Lama’s cinematography is commendable. ‘A Mero Hazur 4’ is the first film to be shot in She-Foksundo.

Uday Raj Poudel is the arranger of the song with lyrics by Rabbi Malla and music by Kalyan Singh. The production team has released the top song along with the publicity as soon as the release date of the movie, which could not be released due to Corona Kahar, was fixed on April 1 next year.

The film Anmol and Suhana, which are being prepared for release on April 20, will be seen in the lead roles in the film. Along with the audio of the song, the video has also been made very attractive. Anmol and Suhana’s romance can be seen in the video.

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