PHUL BUTTE SARI -Punjabi Version

This wish of Madan Krishna was fulfilled on Wednesday. The singer, who came into the limelight by singing the cover of ‘Phoolbutte Sari’, went to a restaurant in Kathmandu to meet Madan Krishna herself. Beyoncy response was that she was very happy to meet the ‘legendary’ personality of Nepal. She says that Madan Krishna was the inspiration to sing this song. During a meeting on Wednesday, Beyoncy said with tears in her eyes, “Because of you, this golden day in my life is coming”. Such a great artist of Nepal, which is not easy for anyone to meet. I can’t believe I’m meeting the same person today. I love you so much. I will always love you and Nepal. ”. Madan Krishna says that every version of ‘Phoolbutte Sari’ has its own sweetness. He says, “Each version of this song has its own test.

They shared a lot in about an hour. Due to the Corona epidemic, Beyoncy arrived in Nepal. . One day she heard, Phoolbutte Sari. Which was sung by Madan Krishna. Beyoncy told Madan Krishna, “I was so attracted by your voice and singing and love that I started watching your song over and over again. Then I slowly started humming in your love. Today is finally possible, only because of you. ” Beyoncy sang in front of Madan Krishna. Madan Krishna also sang a few lines at Beyoncy request. Beyoncy described Shrestha voice as a ‘Golden Voice’. She also expressed her desire to sing a duet with Madan Krishna. “If he approves, I would be happy to sing a duet with him,” she said. Madan Krishna also expressed his desire to sing a duet with Beyonce. “Yes, why not, but do you have time?” You are returning to your country, ”said Madan Krishna. If Madan Krishna was really ready, Beyoncy promised to make time for it. Madan Krishna thanked Beyoncy for singing the Nepali song. “Because of technology, today one country songs, singers, artists can be easily heard and known by another country. In this way, when a singer from one country sings a song from another country, the relationship between the two countries and the artist becomes better, “said Madan Krishna.” That is why I want to call music a bridge, a jack. “

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