Phurba trapped in the erotic face of the young woman, made a fourth husband

Phurba Muktan, 25, of Rautahat, was earning a living by running a restaurant business in Malaysia. One day, after receiving a text message on her mobile phone, the young girl in Japan, who is slowly talking, gets stuck in her beautiful face and easily falls into the trap of her false love. The two talk and move on for marriage, dreaming of having a baby on the phone and texting.

They had been close since January 21, 2021. As time passed, Phurba decided to get married on February 14. The girl said that she could not come to Nepal because she was ill and did not have money. The girl who came to Nepal on February 19 was chained to the airport by Phurba with 4 tolas. The two were tied in marriage on 2077-12-7. Phurba bought 25 tolas of gold for the wedding and spent Rs 1.5 million. According to Phurba, the girl, who went missing three days after the marriage, turned off the phone and went to divorce another man. Phurba, who runs two restaurants in Malaysia and thought of going to Japan after getting married, has now hit the road.

The program “Time Cycle”, aired on Yoho Television HD, seeks to expose the rampant, inconsistent, immoral and law-abiding practices in society. At present, people are suffering from one human being to another, human time is changing accordingly, doing various wrong and right things, which the time cycle has taken special initiative to prevent. The time cycle has taken the initiative to correct the wrong tendencies of the people and move them in a positive direction.

Graphichis of this program: Ranjana Neupane, MRC: Amit Shrestha, Suman Chaudhary, Basant Saud, Studio Camerap; Purnan Subedi, Rajesh Dhakal, Camera parsan: Shirash Shrestha, Ashish Ramang, Abhista Lama, visual editor: Suman Neupane, Reporter: Bikram Shrestha, Producer : Dhruba Rijal, Rheetu Bichur. The Yash program has played an important role in reducing the number of inconsistencies in the society.

In terms of socio-economic politics in Nepal, there are very few days when ordinary people can play with confidence that I am free. Ordinary citizens from the upper class are happy and clinging to something or other. In order to live life, one human being seems to have struggled with another human being to advance his life. In Nepal, ordinary citizens also have to struggle a lot to get justice. The real problems in the society are solved by the time cycle.

Over time, technology and human life have undergone different changes, which has led to a different kind of wave in society. In the society we are living in nowadays, various events are happening, which is giving a negative message to the society. Nowadays, people are falling prey to the phenomenon of cheating day by day, even losing their lives, even when they remember, their hearts are pounding, which has given a negative message to the society.

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