Pilot Bijaya Lama’s father is no more with us.

Pilot and actor Bijay Lama’s father has died. Him Bahadur Lama, 84, who produced and directed the film Ardas Nari in 1984, was also Nepal’s first tennis player.  Lama, who was admitted to the hospital after suffering a heart attack, died at the Tribhuvan Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj at 1:15 pm on Sunday.  In order to uplift the Nepali film industry, Arka Lama is constantly striving to be the star of Nepali cinema.  According to Buddhist tradition, he was cremated in Swayambhu on Sunday.


Him Bahadur Lama had requested no one in the family to shed tears on the day of his death while he was still alive.  At his funeral, people from all walks of life, from artists to pilots, have paid their respects.  Bijay Lama, the son of Hem Raj, has written an emotional status on the demise of his father.  “I am not in the habit of living without you, I will be haunted by your memory, I am happy wherever you are, your happiness is my happiness,” he wrote on his social network.

Directors and actors in the field of Nepali cinema have also expressed their grief over Lama’s demise.  Lama, who is also a lifelong member, was honored by the Film Directors’ Society in 2077 BS.  Lama did his own thing so that his family would not suffer after his death.  The children of Lama, who passed away 7-8 years ago, are preparing for the action saying that they should fulfill their duty.  The Lama family, who have become exemplary people in Nepali society, are also a part of social change.

Due to the great contribution of Hem Raj in the Nepali film industry, his son Bijay Lama is also found to be strong in the field of art along with the pilot.  Bijay, who is also at the forefront of social service, has expressed grief over the death of his father.  Actress Deepa Shree Niraula, who came to pay homage to Hem Raj, said that her contribution is important for the advancement of Nepali film society.  Niraula said that since Lama is a good person, he has never heard anything bad about him.

He said that the blessing given by Niraula when he met him added a lot of energy to his work.  Niraula’s film Ardas Nari, produced by Hemraj, is very good, and which has played an important role in changing the society, she said, adding that Niraula should bless and love us wherever her father is.  Although he was saddened by the death of Lama, he said that his work was always alive and well, adding that he had given a positive message to the society through the film.

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