Pilot Father Daughter

The subject is the pilot father and daughter. Gyan Prakash Rai, a pilot by profession, has been in this profession for 22 years. He has three children. Pratibha Rai is the daughter of three children. Pratibha, who dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood, did not make sure that she would go to her father’s profession as soon as she completed her 12th standard.

Pratibha did not start commercial flying after completing the pilot course due to her dream since childhood and hard work in her studies. It took a decade for Pratibha to start commercial flying after completing the pilot course. Gyan Prakash says that she can do any job if she can give the same opportunity to her daughter.

Pratibha said that if her daughter can be given equal opportunities, her son can achieve as much success as her son, and she said that her daughter should not be deprived from doing what she wants. Her father says that her daughter can do anything if she is given the same opportunity. Watch this video prepared by Setopati talking to the same pilot father and daughter.

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