Plane arriving at Pokhara International Airport from Qatar, Doha, Bangkok, Hong Kong. Proposal to operate after 3 months

In Nepal, development is gaining momentum day by day along with the development process. Everywhere, one after the other, the development is moving forward with uniformity. Development is advancing the development process with uniformity.  Some areas are under construction and some are being completed on time. The completed works have become exemplary for the nation.  Are  It is beneficial for the nation to build the assets of the nation which are the assets of the country and support the economy of the country.
The construction work was started from November 1, 2017. International flights will be operated from the airport. Flying from home to abroad, it is the treasure of the nation to support the economy of the country.  Moving forward. People are considered to be suitable for fast service and long journey. The work done for the people is considered very suitable. The country and the people need many kinds of service facilities. Air travel is also a suitable journey.  Contributed and helped in various ways for Rast.
As the construction period for the airport draws to a close, the government has again extended the construction period by one year.  In many places, people seem to be suffering due to not being able to work on time, running away from the contractor due to lack of money, not being able to work on time.  There is a problem.
According to airport chief Binesh Munakarmi, 84 percent of the work has been completed at the airport under construction.  No one appreciates the work. After completing the work in a short time and flying to the country and abroad, everyone will be able to take a step towards the airport. Whitebody will not be able to fly at the airport. Flights from the airport to Qatar, Doha, Bangkok, Hong Kong.  It is said to be done.
The Pokhara airport is said to be operational from January 1. The airport has been recommended for civil flight. The airport is being constructed by a Chinese company, CAMCA.  Pokhara Airport is also an area of potential. Pokhara is considered as a good destination for air travel. Pokhara is not only the area of mind of indigenous people. It is also the area of mind of foreigners.  Pokhara is the area where people’s streams of money flow, from where the steps of human struggle begin, where people’s dreams are adorned. Pokhara people go to spread their happiness and sorrow.

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