Plane suddenly caught fire.

The plane caught fire as it flew from the city of Chongsong in the southwestern part of China to Lhasa.  According to Tibet Airlines, 113 passengers and nine crew members were evacuated from the plane at Chongsung Champa International Airport.  As the plane was about to take off, the plane landed just ahead of the runway.  The injured passengers are being treated at the hospital, according to Chinese media.  Forty passengers were slightly injured in the incident on Thursday.

Even a small problem on the plane, sometimes a sudden accident, due to a small mistake in any vehicle, many people have lost their lives prematurely.  Many lives were at stake when the Chinese ship crashed, but many people were rescued when the ship was taken under control. Details of the cause of the fire are yet to be known.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the Tibet Airlines plane tv 9833 was on its way to the West Jiang Oi International Airport, according to state broadcaster CCTV.  A video posted Thursday morning shows a black smoke billowing from a Tibet Airlines plane as it took off.  Passengers can be seen coming out of the back door of the plane during Yash.  CCTV footage showed the plane on fire and the runway was closed.

Accidents are found when there are various problems in the plane, which causes great damage.  According to the Chinese media, the rescue team rushed to the spot to rescue the victims after the plane crashed.  The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, but technical reasons could not be ascertained.  Is stated in  Hotline service has also been provided for the relatives of the passengers on board.

The media informed the flight attendant that the fire started from the plane and the plane landed a short distance from the runway while taking off.  The video, released after the crash, showed smoke billowing from the scene of the blaze, and the injured man was rushed to hospital.  Instructions have been given to treat the injured, provide comfort and service to the victim’s family.  They have requested the Civil Aviation Authority to investigate the incident in time and get information

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