Plant will reduce your stress while you are sleeping. Dr. yogi vikashanand

Intellectual personality Dr. Bikasananda Yogi, by researching various aspects of the society, changes it in the society in a new way.  In Ayurveda, yogis who believe in Dharma Karma give the same knowledge about its advantages and disadvantages. In many places, people seem to be sick due to their own reasons.  Impossible is not found in the world till today, which is complementary to each other.

Dr. Yogi says that in order for a person to do great work at any time, he has to break the bonds created by the society.  The fact that a person seeks something good and that he does not have time also affects his life.  When a person seeks something good but is not ready for the day, it has a great effect on his life.

Humans and plants are closely related, they depend on each other to survive.  Society is made up of one another, man saves the plant, and the plant saves man.  The food that plants need is provided by man-made carbon dioxide gas, while the oxygen that man needs is provided by plants.  Anger, anger, etc. inside a person is eliminated by a diseased plant.

People struggle to get anything and struggle before reaching their destination.  Man seems to have to play and deal with many things in order to get nectar.  The plant from which man sits and fulfills his desires is called kalpa tree, from which the blossoming flower gives off a unique fragrance which makes man happy.  Does  When a person enjoys seeing others, a different kind of inspiration is found in his tongue.

People do bad deeds in the blink of an eye, think a lot about doing the right thing, which is behind the human tongue.  As Parijat’s tree gives serotonin, it gives man positive thinking, intellectual power and high morale.  When this chemical is not released in the human brain, it causes various kinds of stress, which seems to cause a lot of difficulties to the human being.  People say that they are depressed because of others when they are stressed, but they do not know that they are depressed because they are released by chemicals

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