Planting of dubo begins at Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium

All Nepalis are aware of the Gautam Buddha International Cricket Ground being constructed by Dhurmus Suntali Foundation in Chitwan. Personalities from different parts of the country, organizations have provided financial support for the construction of this playground. Not only this, Nepali brothers and sisters who are sweating in foreign lands to earn two meals a day have also provided financial support for the construction of this playground. The construction work of Gautam Buddha International Sports Ground, which has become the center of hope for all Nepalis, is in full swing. Similarly, Dhurmus and Suntali i.e. Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire have also started planting dubo in the courtyard of the stadium.

Before planting dubo, worship was done at that place. Happiness has prevailed in Dhurmus Suntali Foundation as soon as the work of planting dubo started in the stadium. Dhurmus Suntali has given the credit to all the allied Nepalis. Sitaram Kattel Dhurmus said, “I have come here today to share my happiness. It is my pleasure that the work of planting dubo on the international sports ground has started from today. This is possible only with the cooperation of the people here. I sincerely salute all the supportive, well-wishers and well-wishers who are constantly supporting us from home and abroad with the intention of building a stadium even in this difficult situation. We have only one effort and we are working as a medium. Playing a supportive role, we are engaging in this campaign for the country. Overall, we have worked day and night to build a temple for the players. A player who played a game to make Nepal’s head high. Helped to introduce Nepal to the world. We are very happy while they are preparing a temple to play. ’

According to Sitaram, the infrastructure has been constructed in such a way that about 3,000 people can participate in the stadium and watch the game at the same time. He also informed that the footing work of VIP Towers 1 and 2 is in progress. And under the International Sports Ground, the work of its label has been completed and the work of planting dubo has also started. Their wish is to make this stadium excellent. The star says that they are working hard day and night keeping this in mind. He said that the technicians are working hard to build an excellent playground. The Dhurmus Suntali Foundation is working with the expectation of becoming the best stadium in the world. Sitaram also said that they are confident that not only a stadium but also Nepal’s identity will be reflected. Even in the dire situation of the Corona epidemic, more than one hundred and one workers are actively working.

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