Plasma therapy also does not improve the complex health of Ex-Queen of Nepal Komal Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shah

The health condition of Purvarani Komal Shah, who was infected with the corona virus, is getting complicated. Purvarani Komal Rajyalakshmi Shah, who is undergoing treatment for corona virus infection, is undergoing treatment by giving plasma.

Shah, who is undergoing treatment at the Norvik Hospital in Thapathali, has been given oxygen and plasma as his health problems are getting worse. He was shifted to the ICU on Wednesday evening after his health did not improve. Dr. involved in the treatment. JP Jaiswal said, “Currently, he has to give 10 liters of oxygen per minute. His condition is stable.” Former King Gyanendra’s health condition is normal.

Prada, director of the Civil Servants Hospital. According to Vidhananidhi Poudel, patients with low oxygen levels should be given up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute. However, if the situation becomes serious, it should be escalated.
Giving 10 liters of oxygen a minute is a risky situation. As the amount of oxygen increases, the condition of the patient becomes more complicated. In the case of high complex and normal conditions, the same amount of oxygen should be given.

Former Crown Princess Prerna Shah’s health condition is satisfactory, the hospital said. After the corona infection was confirmed, the former king, former queen and former princess, who had been living in home isolation for a few days, were admitted to Norvik on April 20.

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