PM’s thrust, Vamdev’s presence in Nepal Gayal, power shift in Baluwatar

Prime Minister Oli is running his government from the Prime Minister’s residence Baluwatar. He does not even go to his office in Singha Durbar. He meets all kinds of meetings, decisions, party discussions and even relatives from Baluwatar. The central meeting of the UML party was also held in Baluwatar on Friday. Madhav Nepal’s group was not seen in the meeting while Bamdev Gautam was seen in Baluwatar. Bamdev’s presence was a relief for Oli. Oli welcomed Bamdev with joy in Baluwatar and said that he had to come to the meeting instead of coming and going.
During the meeting, Oli had said that a 25-minute talk had taken place between Oli and Madhav Nepal on Thursday evening. Oli said that Nepal had rejected Oli’s offer to meet and talk. Madhav Nepal, on the other hand, said that he did not want to pick up Oli’s phone but replied that he picked up the phone only due to the urging of his friends. He had briefed the meeting that Nepal did not even want to pick up his phone.

Prime Minister Oli, on the other hand, is very keen on the ongoing agitation targeting the government. He has said that he has seen the chaotic activities of burning his idol and protesting against the government. Prime Minister Oli has said that all the things are in his notice, saying that the movement is breaking the ban, spreading chaos and increasing lewd and substandard activities. The Prime Minister has commented on the protests, agitations, burning of idols and the inflammatory rhetoric of the student leaders.

Prime Minister Oli has said that there is a growing trend of creating anarchy by violating democracy, parliamentary practice, party system and party discipline, such as overthrowing the government of his party and forming a government under the leadership of the main opposition leader. The Government of Nepal and the people of Nepal are fighting Kovid. The Prime Minister also said that it was difficult to control Kovid due to indiscipline and anarchy, political parties breaking the ban, burning idols and attacking the President who was fulfilling his duty.

Prime Minister Oli is running the state with Baluwatar as the center. The Prime Minister’s Office in Singha Durbar has been deserted for the past three years. Where the spider is sitting with a net. Oli has set a rare record for the incumbent Prime Minister to visit Singha Durbar only once a year.

Newly appointed member of the National Planning Commission Raj Bahadur Giri took oath at the office of Prime Minister Oli Singha Durbar. The news that he was coming to the office was causing a lot of commotion and cleaning from the courtyard of the ministry. As the country’s main administrative center, Singha Durbar has proved to be the most crippled in history. This activity of Prime Minister Oli. According to a secretary of Bahalwala, Singha Durbar has been made like a squeezed lemon in recent times.

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