Pokhara cablecar 9 minutes to Sarangkot, how much is the fee?

Pokhara only cablecar 9 minutes to Sarangkot, how much is the fee? Pokhara Annapurna only car

A little further away from the hustle and bustle of Pokhara, Sarangkot is a place to soothe the mind. The cable car, which operates from 10 am. to 5 pm., takes 9 minutes to get there and 9 minutes to go. He said that there is a special discount system.

In Pokhara, which is the choice of tourists, people now choose to enjoy Pokhara by cable car. Entertainment is also a part of life for people, people choose entertainment to forget the pain inside their mind. People go to Pokhara by cable car and watch the scenes below. Currently, one of the four cable cars in Nepal is located in Pokhara, from where people can study and have fun. In the dream city of Pokhara, people enjoy visiting different places.

Pokhara is a place where you can see the sights of many places while traveling by cable car. Pokhara is a place to have fun with various lakes. In order for a person to spend his life in pain, he needs entertainment. The Annapurna Cable Car in Pokhara is a must-see place once you get there, where you can enjoy a lot of fun. According to Hriday Raj Tripathi, who visited Pokhara on foot, one can observe half of Pokhara after reaching the bottom of Pach Number.

He says that you can see Machhapuchhre Range and Annapurna Range from Dhaulagiri by head car number 11. He said that people can be entertained by watching the sights from many places from Annapurna cable car in Pokhara. People are going through different kinds of struggles in life. For those who are afraid to ride a cable car, he said that since we are made using high quality materials from a Japanese company, we should not be afraid to ride a cable car.

He says that due to the introduction of Japanese technology, the Japanese will be able to board the cable car with confidence from time to time. He said that you should come to Pokhara and enjoy Annapurna cable car. As Annapurna is a place where fishing can be observed and entertained, Pokhara is one of the most sought after places in the world. In order to bring a new wave in life , people are visiting new places.

The Annapurna Cable in Pokhara, which took eight years to build, is suitable for human beings, the manager said. There are cable cars in places including Kalin Chowk in Nepal.

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