Pokhara International Airport, the runway where foreign planes will land

The work on the Pokhara Regional International Airport project is now finished to the tune of 83 percent. More than 400 individuals are still working every day, according to the project. 

This project of national pride has been in construction since 2017. The construction period has been delayed by one year due to the corona virus outbreak and lockdown, according to Krishna Prasad Poudel, the project’s deputy chief engineer.

CMC Engineering, a Chinese firm, has been granted the contract to complete the project at a cost of Rs 22 billion. The 2500 meter runway, terminal building, air traffic control center, and ATC building have all been built. Furthermore, the project’s manpower has recently been focused on completing work. Important structural work, according to Deputy Chief Poudel, has been done. All of the structures have been finished, including the runway, taxiway, apron, terminal building, hangar building, cargo building, control tower, and airport entrance.

Tribhuvan International Airport will be transformed into a boutique airport that reflects Nepal’s culture. The government intends to build more taxiways and parking to deal with the airport’s expanding passenger demand. In addition, the airport intends to modernize the terminal building. The project will cost Rs 6.95 billion, according to the government. Similarly, the government has set aside Rs 1.33 billion for domestic airports and has stated that it will continue to expand, upgrade, and modernize them. Test flights will take place at Ilam’s Sukilumba, Gulmi’s Simichaur, and Dolpa’s Masinchaur. Okhaldhunga’s Khiji Chandeshwori Airport will be upgraded.

The goal was to start the test flight six months ahead of schedule by completing the project. In 2014, the Civil Aviation Authority signed an agreement for the building of the airport with CMC, a construction company. The Chinese Exim Bank has granted a concessional loan for the airport’s construction.

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