Police also checked Rabbi Lamichhane’s vehicle on the ban of Kathmandu

Police also checked Rabbi Lamichhane’s vehicle on the ban of Kathmandu
In Kathmandu Valley, the ban has been tightened and the traffic has also been tightened. The
traffic has been keeping the vehicles without a pass on hold all day long. Despite such strictures,
the movement of the general public has not been stopped.

Similarly, the vehicle of Rabbi Lamichhane carrying an oxygen cylinder has also been stopped
by the traffic. Police have stopped the vehicle of Galaxy Media operated by Rabbi Lamichhane.
The traffic police had stopped the vehicle after looking at the three types of introductory letters
written on the vehicle. The front and rear of the vehicle were labeled as a tourist vehicle. On both
sides of the car, it was written as Galaxy. Also, the police are confused as it is written as press.
But the driver showed the hospital papers.

In fact, at the initiative of Rabbi Lamichhane, it is understood that the vehicle was hired to
distribute free oxygen to the hospital which was short of oxygen. As it was a tourist vehicle, it
was written as tourist only. That is why the vehicle has been stopped in many places.
During the Corona epidemic, the general public can be seen walking outside as much as on the
streets. Even if someone says that he is walking for work, the police keep him on hold. The
government has issued an order to the general public not to go out for work other than urgent
work. The government has also directed to take action accordingly if the order is violated. In this
situation, the police have taken the vehicle under control and started checking whether it has
passed or not.

The government extended the ban for the third time to control the large number of corona that
appear daily. The one-week ban, which started on April 29, has been extended to May 30.
Experts say there is a strong possibility that the ban could increase if the corona infection rate
and mortality rate do not decrease.

In the last few days, more than 8,000 coron infections have been seen in Nepal every day. The
death toll is also around 200. But on Sunday (today) more than 6,000 corona infections have
been confirmed. As the number of corona infections continues to decline on a daily basis, so
does the lack of oxygen seen across the country. But if you look at the vehicles running on the
road, it seems that there is no fear of Corona. The government and related bodies have been
repeatedly urging to stay safe inside the house. But the general public is disobeying these things.
On the one hand, the number of deaths due to lack of oxygen in the hospital is increasing daily
while on the other hand, they are walking in violation of the general injunction.

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