Police expressed anger on public walking around openly during lockdown

Prohibition orders have been issued in 22 different districts of Nepal as the infection of Covid 19
is getting higher. Along with this, a one-week restraining order was issued in the Kathmandu
Valley on April 3 from 6 am. As the rate of corona infection is increasing day by day during the
ban, the ban has been extended for one more week in the Kathmandu Valley. The government
has asked people not to go out of the house except for urgent work. But the common people are
walking openly with oil in their ears. The police have been overwhelmed by the stubbornness of
the people.

They had made public a statement on what can and cannot be done in the ban imposed from last
Thursday. The government had also informed that strict action would be taken in case of
violation of the injunction. Despite this, the crowd of people walking on the open road during the
lockdown is huge. The police are upset by this stubbornness of the public. The police
complained that they did not have to pay the fine for filing a case on the charge of violating the
rules. Thus, the police have been keeping the illegal walkers standing on the road. So stubborn
that they have taken to the streets to eat air.

Police have been holding pedestrians and vehicles on the road unnecessarily. According to the
police, the people had no hesitation in standing for hours. According to the police, such a person
is neither afraid of Corona nor has difficulty in standing on the road. According to the police,
many people come out to enjoy the outdoors. Police say that fear has arisen in them while the
Nepal Army is taking the body to the wharf for burial.

For the safety of the citizens, the police have been on duty all day saying that the corona should
not infect more people. But when the general public walks openly on the streets against the rules,
the police have expressed their grief and anger. Most people go out for fun and sightseeing. In
the early days of last year’s lockdown, the road was deserted. But in the second lockdown, the
traffic was jammed.

The food community has been badly affected by the lockdown. In spite of this, the people of
those communities do not walk in such a stubborn manner, but the people who are eating walk
for pleasure, according to the police.
With the launch of the new variant of Covid 19 in Nepal, the infection has been confirmed in
many people on a daily basis. Although a small number of corona is tested daily in Nepal, the
corona has been confirmed at an average of 50 percent for the past few days. Hospitals across the
country are facing shortage of beds and oxygen. But the common people are still stubbornly busy
walking around openly.

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