Political debate between Gyanendra Shahi and Rajendra Khadki

Social Youth Engineer Gyanendra Shahi is an active engineer. He has been raising issues
ranging from political to social issues. Along with this, Nepali artist Rajendra Khadki who has
made a great contribution in the Nepali film industry. The two celebrities have done well in the
political, social and film sectors.

In Rajendra’s eyes, Gyanendra is an active Nepali youth. From the political leadership to the
responsible people of the country are working. Rajendra sees Shahi as a man who has come
forward as a man who loves the country in the ongoing tensions in the political arena.
In Gyanendra’s view, Rajendra Khadki is the heritage of the country. Nepali films are the jewel
of the country that protects the sector. Gyanendra says that Khadki has made a great contribution
to preserve the art, culture and economy of the country from the film sector. He is seen as a
legend in the field of art. While the Indian film was playing in Nepali halls, Nepal’s money used
to go to India. But Rajendra Khadki is one of the people who brought Nepali films to this place
by talking to King Birendra at a time when Nepali films were given high priority. Institutions
such as the Nepal Film Board were born through his efforts. For this reason, Rajendra is a legend
in Gyanendra’s eyes.

Gyanendra says that he will be with Rajendra all the time in Ireh’s work. He said that he would
work in his own way and not as an engineer to make the political leadership smarter. According
to Rajendra, the country will not develop as all the leaders are living on money. He said that
looking at the scenario from the Panchayat period till now, a leader has come to fill only his own
pocket. Gyanendra and Rajendra take MCC as an example of this. The US Air Force has landed
at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport. The government says it is unaware of this. But even
the media that catches the eye in every field has ignored this, says Gyanendra.

According to Gyanendra, the media is also a broker. He said that a level of media which shows
itself to be me is being brokered by those media. He said that the media that printed Prachanda
on the front page remained ignorant even after it landed at the US Force Airport.
Rajendra says that now Nepali leaders are not afraid of the Nepali people. Ministers who carry
every sector from the judiciary to their pockets are afraid of the United States. He says that
American power is trying to enter Nepal through MCC. He understands that the US is trying

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