POlitical talk with DR surendra KC

Dr Surendra KC is a former professor of Tribhuvan University.  Tribhuvan university is located at Kirtipur in Kathmandu.  He is a perfect political analyst. He tries to expose and broadcast himself. Many people of the country consider him as a bookworm.

He has a lot of followers on YouTube, he is very entertaining and eloquent too. He never afraid to speak about the truth. He is a very bold, energetic, and straight forward person. He sometimes sounds irrational and authoritative. HIs analysis upon the national politics of Nepal gets a lot of love in social media. HIs audio and video get viral on the social media platform. The political scenario that is spoken by Dr Surendra KC is very strict. 

Through his audio and video, he tries to explore the Nepalese political scenario of the country to the   Nepalese peoples. Sounds and arranged sometimes. He is one of the most preferred political analysts of Nepal. Till date he has gotten a lot of respect and Love from the audiences in the social media platform because of his good analysis power in the respective political field. His voice sounds strict so sometimes he seems to be rude and arrogant while talking. He was born in 2013 at Taplejung district. This district is different from many facilities.

  while considering the cast Limbu are mostly found in that area. Brahmin, Kshetri, Tamang, Gurung are also found in that village but in very few amounts. About 25% of people are Sherpas. Dr KC had 12 siblings. 5 sisters and 5 brothers are still alive. Talking about his educational career doctor KC had passed his SLC in 2030 B.S. He had done a lot of struggles during his academic educational period. He had passed his SLC from Moti Mavi Higher Secondary School.

He was a very talented student during academic education. After SLC, for higher education he left his hometown and went towards the district of Sunsari to gain the higher education academic career. From the Sun sari district doctor KC had passed the IA and BA. Dr KC was a topper student during his Bachelor Level education. He had passed his master level education in 2036 B.S.

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