Political talk with Janardhan Sharma Finance Minister

Newly appointed Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said that the government will focus on encouraging the capital market. He made the remarks while assuming office at the ministry on Wednesday. He also said that the government would focus on creating more investment opportunities. But for that, commitment, transparency and honesty are needed, he said.

Sharma, who took charge at the Finance Ministry on Wednesday morning, said he would focus on work without looking at faces, castes or flags. Addressing the staff, he said, “I don’t need a face, I don’t need a caste, I don’t need a flag (of the party), I just need a job.” He has also instructed to work efficiently in his field by making the work of the government transparent and accountable.

He also instructed the employees to work to reduce trade deficit by increasing capital expenditure. He said that he would launch a campaign to reduce the trade deficit, adding that everyone’s support was needed. He also said that a concrete action plan will be brought to reduce poverty in the country.

He said that he would continuously monitor, direct and support the ongoing work of the ministry and expected such support from the staff as well. He also warned not to forget integrity, honesty and transparency.

Sharma has a deep responsibility to fulfill the people’s demand by boosting the economy from the epidemic. Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has taken the first decision after his reinstatement and approved the release of Rs 5 billion for vaccination.

He said the government was focused on saving the lives of the people in the epidemic. He has also sanctioned money for risk allowance to health workers. He has submitted three files submitted by the Ministry of Health. Health had proposed additional amount to add health workers’ risk allowance and ICU HDU.

Effective steps were taken to free the Nepalese people who were suffering from severe power cuts. Sharma, who was the deputy commander in the Maoist-led People’s War, had saved the country from a 16-hour power cut. Sharma is an influential leader who is credited with building a brighter Nepal.

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