Pooja mother talked about getting married on Pooja’s birthday

On the birthday of Pooja Sharma, the president of Pooja Akash Fan Club, Jeevan, arrived with a cake with best wishes in advance. Representing all the fans, Pooja Sharma and her mother were stunned to see her life at home. Along with the president of the fan club, Javin, his mother also wished Pooja a happy birthday. Pooja, who is not afraid of anyone else, is afraid of her mother. Her mother said that she was abusive because she was careless. She said that she would be abusive because she was careless, otherwise she would not be abusive because she was so angry. Pooja tries to do everything but her mother says that she is abusive because she has a habit of skipping.

On Pooja’s birthday, her mother insisted that Pooja be married. Because of covid 19, everything is being pushed back, so the wedding of worship is also being pushed back. In some of the interviews given by Pooja, she has said that she has already thought about Pooja marriage. His mother said, “You have to get married even if you are not alone. Need a friend After becoming a partner, everything is shared, wherever you go, you are safe. ‘Similarly, Pooja’s mother is also a single mother. She raised Pooja alone. Today, with her love and support, Pujal has been crowned a successful artist.

President of Akash Pooja Fan Club Jeevan celebrates a special birthday on every birthday of Pooja. Pooja said that Akash’s couple is very popular among the fans and they also celebrate their birthdays for the fans. He says that they have always supported Pooja because of her good deeds. After the start of Pooja Aakash’s fan club, he said that not only Pooja Aakash but also Pooja Aakash loved the work that the fans liked. He also said that he and his club used to make Pooja’s birthday more special as he knew Pooja personally and called her sister. Nothing could be done on Pooja’s birthday in last year Lagdaun and this year President Jeevan managed to come to Pooja’s house with a cake. With the end of this week-long lockdown, the fan club is preparing to have a grand birthday party for Pooja. He also revealed that he used to address Akash Shrestha as his son-in-law.

After cutting the birthday surprise cake, Pooja thanked her fans very much. She said that she will always be grateful to all the fans who have supported her so much. She even said that she was sorry that Corona did not allow everyone to get together. She has promised to share the joy of meeting and having fun with everyone as soon as the epidemic of Corona ends.

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