Pooja’s interview with mother on her birthday:

Puja Sharma, one of the most popular artists in the field of Nepali film and music video, is an artist who has been succeeding in one project after another. Her acting has attracted people.  Actress Puja Sharma, who has been interested in the field of art since childhood, has touched people’s hearts with her acting.  On the day of Puja’s birth, his mother and he were coming together in the media, the mother has told about the life of Puja.

Entering the field of Nepali cinema, she has managed to stay in the minds of the viewers.  Puja’s mother Durga Sarma said that her daughter has been very worried about her since she was young, as she has a habit of talking nonsense, without any greed.  She said that after the marriage of her daughter, Durga used to move here and there.

Puja celebrates her birthday by accompanying her mother on her birthday, helping her with food and other necessities at the old age home, with the blessings of the flood victims.  The way is celebrated.  “It would be nice to celebrate Mother’s Day and birthday separately,” said Durga.  Durga said that even though her daughter could not give her much time, she was very happy because of the love of the audience.

Puja said that no matter what she did wrong or wrong in her life, she would never leave Paul behind because being a mother is the greatest honor in her life.  Puja said that in her life, when she does good deeds, she gets some praise, and when she does wrong deeds, the proof of it is wrong.  She said that her success was due to her fearless mother and her hard work, courage and inspiration.  The mother said that since there are two places of worship, one should go here and there.

Since Puja is also her second partner, now they have to manage both of them.  She said that she was happy to see both of them and her family was also happy.  After the mother and daughter worshiped God, they celebrated the day of birth, the day of seeing the mother’s face in a special way.  She said that since hard work is the most important part of human life, everyone should follow it and play an important role in making life successful.  She said that the mother and daughter came to the same place on the day of birth, the two were very happy and wanted to see the daughter still better.

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