Popular voice of Lok Dohori Khuman Adhikari and Purnakala Bisi

Popular voice of Lok Dohori Khuman Adhikari and Purnakala Bisi
The daily routine of Nepali singers has slowed down with the onset of Lakdaun in Nepal. In this
process, we will talk about how the singers Khuman Adhikari and Purnakala Bisi, who are very
popular in the field of folk music, are looking at the lockdown.

According to Khuman Adhikari, some of the remaining songs have already been recorded before
the lockdown started. He said that the rest of the work has been completed as the time can be
extended like in the first lockdown. Khuman says he was afraid to go to work as Corona’s
grandmother grew older. Similarly, according to Purnakala, who has succeeded in establishing
himself in the field of folklore in a short period of time, Lockdown will have a great impact on
the artist. She says that when she started her business and started a new business together, she
had to close down and stay at home.

In the previous Lakdaun, Khuman had composed songs based on Lakdaun. The song was very
popular in Tiktak. Khuman says that for a singer who goes on a stage and sings a song, it is
because of Kovid. Earlier, many songs were released even though it was a lockdown. According
to Khuman, even those who have been vaccinated against covid are afraid of having corona
infection. There are fears that even underdeveloped countries will not be able to control the
corona infection, even if developed countries do not. Khuman says it will be difficult to record
the song as it is not possible to record the song at the risk of one’s life.
Purnakala says that the lockdown has affected the artists involved in the field of folk music as
they have to make a living by singing in repetition. He says that it will be very difficult for him
as he has to wear a daily mask. He said that it was difficult to breathe. But for Khuman, the habit
of wearing a mask is not a problem.

Currently, in the field of Nepali music, folk songs have also succeeded in creating their own
image. Along with this, the double singers have also succeeded in establishing themselves.
Currently, slow bit repetition has started in Nepal. This is a great achievement for the singers in
the slow season, says these two artists. Earlier, Khuman said that he had to sing songs that could
be danced by stopping the song while singing slow beat songs on stage. That is why it is very
good to play slow songs. At one time, Khuman Adhikari used to sing only slow motion songs.
But later they started singing songs that could be danced. Khuman says that after everyone
started singing songs that could be danced, it seemed that the song of Slow Mission was disappearing. In this case, it is a matter of happiness to start the song of slow motion.

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