power of self knowledge. Buddhist philosophy.

Manish has nothing lacking in himself, seeing the lack of many things in others is the biggest mistake of his life. The more a person thinks of himself as capable and bad, the more his genius diminishes, that’s why he has to constantly search for his weaknesses and go on the path of improvement, and that leads his life to a positive path.

If a person gets love from everyone in life, he is living happily and freely, if he cannot lead his life on the right path, then he is trying to get rid of his hatred towards his parents. Working day and night for a happy and successful life, even traveling around the country, until he knows how to live successfully, until then, no matter how hard he works, he does not seem to be successful. Doctors have said that unless a person understands himself, he can never be happy.

People have chosen a different path, which is causing them trouble. A long time ago, after seeing a T-pointed Buddha, a child became fascinated, he thought of making himself a T-pointed Buddha. One day when T Pankar Buddha went to Pallo village, there was a river, when T Pankar reached that river, the man slept in the river, T Pankar Buddha said that he read in the river because it would be difficult for you to cross the river, then he started meditating for a long time. had passed

After awakening the desire to learn something in the mind of a person, he constantly searches for knowledge. People don’t need to think to do good work, even if the work is bad, there is a chance to learn something, but if the bad work is successful, it hurts a lot. There are many types of sufferings in human life, which causes a lot of pain to the human being. Buddha lived in seven different peepal trees without cleaning for seven weeks, unless a person leaves everything and takes initiative for knowledge, then he will not learn good education.

He said that in order for a person to be successful, he should seek good education, which should be brought out from within. Most of the people are sad without doing anything, but some people are sad even after doing a lot, so people should spend their time in the right place. In the life of a person, there is sadness in doing something and also in doing nothing. Manab’s life is very successful, manab’s life has become miserable despite using the necessary power and means.

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