Prabisa Adhikari’s journey to The Voice of Nepal is like this

Singer Prabisa Adhikari, who has been struggling in the field of music for a long time, has talked about her life experiences and the field of music on Mazzako TV. Singer Prabisa Adhikari, who is also the coach of The Voice of Kids and The Voice of Nepal, said that she got the opportunity to learn and teach a lot. She said that even though Nepal is a small country, she got a lot of love from the audience.

She was married to Prabisa Adhikari and Nirman Sitaula from Jhapa house. Prabisa, who came to Kathmandu for higher education after completing SLC from Jhapa, said that she did not know that she would become a singer. Since three coaches are senior than her, she said that she is a child instead of them. Prabisa, who is married to Nirman Sitaula, who is an engineer in an American company, has said that she will live in both America and Nepal.

While Pratap said that she was shocked by the news that Prabisa was pregnant on social media, Prabisa said that she felt pregnant because she gained weight while abroad during the program. Prabisa has said that after gaining weight, she managed her body and brought it back to its old condition. She said that even though her name was announced on Voice of Nepal, she could not post it on the social network, thinking that it was because she had deleted it. Later, after getting checked, she said that she managed her body after realizing that she was fat.

Prabisa Adhikari, who has been continuously advancing her steps in Nepali song music for a long time, has said that even after her marriage, she is continuously advancing the field of song music. She has given her voice in many movie songs. The fact that it started with the family made them close, but she said that they fell in love without meeting each other. Nirman Citaula, who is an engineer in Michon Company of America, came to Nepal to get married. Prabisa, who is known for the song of the movie Kaslai Diu Joban, has completed her graduation.

Prabisa, who struggled to get a good job after studying in her childhood, said that she has become a singer over time. Indira Joshi, a contemporary of Aastha Raut, is not known as a singer before this. He seems to be best in the songs of movies, which brings good quality to the market. Prabisa, who has spent more than a decade in song music, is a successful artist. Prabisa says that she is married to a man living in America, she never thought that she would get married. After meeting in Kathmandu, these two are going to get married with the consent of the family.

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