Prachanda applauding Narayankaji protesting

CPN-UML MP Nar Bahadur Dhami has demanded to send the Citizenship Bill to the parliamentary committee again saying that it should not be passed on fast track.

While discussing the Citizenship Bill in the House of Representatives, Dhami has argued that the Citizenship Bill should not be passed on a ‘fast track’ due to the geopolitical situation.

According to him, Dhami’s proposal is to take care of the provision that parents get citizenship in Bhutan only after their children get citizenship. “There was an agreement in the parliamentary committee that marital citizenship would be granted only after 7 years of marriage to a Nepalese man. Why did the government not try to pass that bill and now remove that provision and bring a new bill?” Dhami asked, “So by not passing this bill today It should be sent back to the parliamentary committee.’

He has also demanded that sensitive issues like citizenship should not be passed on a whim.

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