Prachanda can retire, says advocate Bhupendra Pokhrel

Advocate Pokharel says that these parties are compatible with each other no matter what is
happening in the game of politics at the present time. He has said that the lawmaker who has
filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court for his job will not resign from the post under any
circumstances. He also said that he would not resign under any circumstances, ignoring the issue
under consideration at the apex court. He concluded that the analysis of the journalists as the
fourth organ of the state has also failed in this regard.

Pokharel says that Madhav Nepal’s side has no choice but to resign. After all, to return is to
return home with a bag. In this, either they have to resign jointly and open another party,
otherwise there is no option to return to the UML. That is why Madhav’s side came out in
support of Oli as soon as he announced that he had ended the operation, he said. Prime Minister
Oli will have to take a vote of confidence again within the next 30 days after taking the oath for
the third time. He says if the vote of confidence is not successful, there is no alternative but to
dissolve the government and go to the polls. Failure to take a vote of confidence means the
overthrow of the government. Thus, after the fall of the government, according to the
constitution, a person has to claim for the post of Prime Minister. Even after three days of tussle,
the three parties could not get 136 votes and it is impossible for more people to collect so many

Advocate Pokharel said that there is a good chance that the election will be held next November
when the vote of confidence could not be taken within a month. The right to take a vote of
confidence for 30 days after being appointed as the Prime Minister continues in the independent
constitution. But if the prime minister is not given a vote of confidence, this government will
collapse. If Oli’s representative plans to complete a five-year term, all MPs will have to vote.
Advocate Pokharel says that even if the opposition party gives a vote of confidence, the victory
will remain with Oli. If Oli receives a vote of confidence, the government will run under his
representation for the remaining two years. Even if he does not receive a vote of confidence, he
has the right to dissolve the government and run for re-election. No no-confidence motion can be
tabled for the next two years.

While the country is fighting an epidemic, the people are forced to watch the naked dance of the
leaders in the government. The people’s focus is more on how to survive than who became the
minister and who became the prime minister. He says the Corona epidemic has spread in the
country because the government and the opposition have not paid any attention to it. He said that

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