Prachanda got immotional. The target was an attack on Oli’s headquarters. What does UML want?

It is clear that the condition of the country has deteriorated. Looking at the condition of the country, the people have started violating the rules made by the bloodless people. The common people are tired of eating.  The position and respect of those who do politics in the name of the people is greater than that of the people. The common people have not been able to eat two meals a day.  After entering the palace, he forgets the people. When the time is up, he starts showing the same old tendency in front of the people.

No one knows how much people’s lives will change. Prachanda, who thought of serving the country by enlisting in the army yesterday, has become the Prime Minister of the country today.  Prachanda is now living the life of a dossier. He had been in conflict in the country for a long time.  He started his political journey by raising the issue. That is why he had the support and cooperation of millions of people.
Prachanda, who did politics in the name of the people, is now cursing himself. At that time, the government of Nepal had set the price of his head. He was considered to be omnipotent. There was no one to disobey Prachanda.  During the 10-year people’s war, many civilians were maimed. Some lost their lives, some lost their homes, some lost their homes, some lost their families, some disappeared without a name. Thousands of structures were destroyed.  People were not allowed to eat. The situation of the country was in crisis.

When the country’s prosperity did not develop as it was supposed to, the number of people who believed in Prachanda began to decline. The country could not develop due to the 10-year people’s war.  But when he failed to fulfill his commitment to the people, there was a kind of silence among the people.  Thousands of martyrs, crippled, cursed by the blood and contribution of the missing and wounded will go to war again or commit suicide.

In the all-party meeting convened by Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba, the opposition party CPN-UML Najada has again risen to prominence.  According to some UML leaders, the government will hold a single meeting with the UML first and then go to the meeting.  Goes

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