Prachanda has done nothing but tear down the party

A meeting of the CPN-UML held on Friday has discussed the issue of Nepali politics. According to CPN-UML leader Suman Pyakurel, leader of the National Assembly Parliamentary Party and Advocate, the current politics of Nepal revolves around the CPN-UML. However, he said that the CPN-UML was trying to explain that it was weak. According to Pyakurel, in terms of parliamentary system, the Congress has 61 seats and the UML has 121 seats. The UCPN (M), which has 49 seats, sees the UML as weak. He had gone to Chunawan yesterday in alliance with the Maoists. He says that KP Oli rescued the drowned Maoist by grabbing his hat.

He has accused UCPN (M) Central Committee Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda of doing nothing but dismantling the party. Mohan Bikram Singh, who was Prachanda’s mentor, was forced to leave the party. Vaidya, who was considered a political guru, was also forced to step down. Ideological leader Baburam Bhattarai was also forced to resign in the name of dissolving the armed movement. In addition, Ram Bahadur Thapa Bandal was also forced to leave the party.

The CPN-UML’s principle is unity, not division. UML is the party with 121 seats. Therefore, the UML is not divided, but some self-interested members have come out, he said. If there is any problem in your party, if there is something that you are not satisfied with, it will be discussed and resolved within the party. But some UML leaders have played tricks to remove the chairperson of their own party with the help of another party to fulfill their interests. His opposition party has slandered the party in support of the Congress. Therefore, it cannot be called the foot of UML.

When the dissolution of parliament was first overturned by the Supreme Court, Prachanda could not withdraw his vote of confidence for three months. Prachanda could not get a vote of no confidence from the Prime Minister. While the constitution was being drafted, the UML and the Nepali Congress were involved. Therefore, the Prime Minister has not committed any illegal act. Advocate and leader Pyakurel said that the decision was unconstitutional. While KP Oli is deciding to dissolve the parliament, he has the support of the entire party including the UML.

He says that the CPN-Maoist is illegal. The CPN-Maoist had convened a convention nine years ago. However, according to the constitution of Nepal, the parties have to hold their general convention every five years. At that time, Prachanda had become the chairperson from the general convention held at the age of 48. At present, the Maoist party has 150 members. The Maoists are in a state of complete disarray. This means that Prachanda, who was elected nine years ago, is still the chairman. Did the General Convention elect Prachanda for life?

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