Prachanda made the party like pocket money : UML leader Rayamajhi

Many leaders have been involved in the unity between the CPN-UML and the Maoists at the center. Some of the Maoist central ministers have joined the CPN-UML. Similarly, leader Top Bahadur Rayamajhi had left the UCPN (M) center and joined the CPN (UML) during the time of unity. He is currently the leader of the CPN-UML and a former deputy prime minister from the UCPN (Maoist) center. There are many leftist parties in Nepal, including the UCPN (M) and UML. Rayamajhi says that the communist movement in Nepal will not be successful without uniting the scattered, divided parties. He said that the UCPN (M) and UML were forced to split due to the decision of the Supreme Court. After the split of the party, he remained in the UML because the party was united while the leader of the parliamentary party KP Oli. Oli was also made the Prime Minister. He said that he was in the UML as everyone considered KP Oli as the leader.

He said that he has joined the UML following the party’s unity campaign and decision. In fact, the UML is more of a communist movement than a Maoist one. Not everything in the party is satisfied. He said that since many things do not suit his wishes, he should be able to compromise. In fact, the Communist Party within Nepal has neither been able to develop ideas nor work. According to Rayamajhi, Prachanda Madhavs have not been able to move forward as they are only interested in their own interests rather than developing culture.

Rayamajhi had reached the center after winning the election from the Maoist center. According to him, he did not join the UML but remained in the Communist Party of Nepal. When Oli and Prachanda united, the Communist Party stepped forward to strengthen the party. Unity was needed to strengthen the party, to develop the party. But it is only because of the supremacy that the UML and the UCPN (M) have been renamed. In fact, he says, they are the real Maoists. He also said that he has been following the communist policy rules while he was the main mother communist.

He has accused Prachanda of making the party like pocket money. He said that he used the party for selfish ends by taking some of his family and relatives with him. He said that the development of the Maoist center could not take place as it did not bring anything new in the development of the party. The UCPN (M) was on the verge of collapse if it had not come to the polls without shaking hands with the UML. He said that the former Maoist leaders have been manipulating the party and Prachanda through check and balance. However, he fears that the Maoists will gradually leave the party and wipe out the party.

According to Rayamajhi, Prachanda is now in full shadow. He said that Baburam and Biplab would be named as communist leaders but Prachanda would not be named. He also said that Prachanda has become the tail of other parties.

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