Prachanda, putting the country in a hole for his daughter|| BalenShah has a mission and a vision

This interview was done in Everest Channel. The candidate was asked serval question by journalist. This interview was about many political thoughts. He also spoked about Prachanda statement. Where he said, country corruption will be high if her daughter didn’t won the mayor position in coming future. He has also supported Balen shah adding they way of shah has made a vision is quite impressing. He has strong feelings that if we gave chance to young generation, there maybe quite changes.

He begin, Ranju Darshana, a 21-year-old politician candidate for the Kathmandu Metropolis within the 2017 native elections, created history because the capital’s youngest competitor. Darshana received twenty three,439 votes, or over twelve-tone music of the entire votes forged in Kathmandu, despite being associate unofficial candidate.

After the most opposition party, the CPN-UML, voiced issues regarding Prachanda’s remarks, an enclosed inquiry was launched.

A young face is running for civil authority of Kathmandu now additionally. However, in contrast to in previous elections, Balen Shah, a rapper and structural engineer, is running for workplace on his own, victimisation the electoral image ‘lauro,’ a stick.

Balen differentiates out from his competition during a variety of the way. Balen Shah, in contrast to major organisation candidates, doesn’t criticise his opponents. Shah has succeeded in changing into a logo of optimism within the eyes of the many Kathmanduites by clearly presenting his vision and a concept for the event of the Kathmandu depression.

A large variety of teens have voiced support for Shah, notably people who need a amendment and square measure tired with ancient politics and politicians. Balen is supported by not simply teenagers, however conjointly some old organisation benefactors.

People who square measure tired with ancient politics, deception, and lack of responsibility from political leaders square measure actively supporting Shah now.

People in Kathmandu square measure defeated by the incumbent political parties’ failure to deliver, lack of growth, and inadequate governance, forcing them to hunt alternatives. Meanwhile, Balen Shah has become a logo of hope for amendment in Kathmandu, associate idol for folks that square measure severely disabused with established political parties.

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