Prachanda, who went to destroy the existence of others, ended himself. The Maoist party is illegal

There is a doctrine of Leninism that does not believe that Kheri earns enemies or friends while engaging in politics. In this process, it has been moving forward according to the time and circumstances. CPN-UML central leader Lila Bahadur Thapa has said that they are protesting against any illegal and wrong thing and supporting the right and good things. In the then situation, the Nepali Left Party was united. This integration was supposed to be very strong and long lasting. For this, CPN (Maoist) Central Committee Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and CPN (Maoist) Chairman and Prime Minister KP Oli did homework. Other leaders also did homework on this. Accordingly, the CPN (Maoist) was born in Nepal.

After the unification was announced on 3 May 2075 BS, both the parties of the past had disintegrated. The CPN-UML and the Maoist party had disintegrated after the birth of the CPN. They had to move the party forward by laying new policies, rules and new foundations. There was a lot of talk about how to make Mulu economically prosperous, how to bring development and stability in the country. In the end, he was forced to break the board without being able to make it all meaningful. Leader Thapa said that the party had to be disbanded as the leaders were focusing on positions rather than policies, rules and philosophy. The Supreme Court declared that the party of Oli and Prachanda would not be the CPN (Maoist). Even if the Supreme Court asks them to come for the registration of the party with a new name in 15 days, they are dragging each other’s feet and fighting for the post.

The issue of who will get the sun sign and who will get the name of the party has become a hot topic among the leaders after Oli came to the leadership. According to former UCPN (M) and then UML leader Thapa, the UCPN (M) is an illegal party. According to him, the party has become illegal as UCPN (M) Chairman Prachanda did not follow the rules and regulations in the action taken against the party leaders and some of the actions were reversed by the court. He said that he could not protect himself when Prachanda tried to separate others from the party. Therefore, the action taken by the illegal party will not be accepted, Thapa said.

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