Pradeep asked the audience that there was a conspiracy over the love song.

Pradeep Khadka is angry that Nepali movie Prem Geet has been treated unfairly. He said that if the rules and laws cannot be changed, the services of the Film Development Board will not be available and the chair should be left. He said that Bhuvan KC, who has not given himself to the movie Prakash and now the same thing is happening to Prem Geet, should leave the chair.

Pradeep has said that since it is the work of delaying the movies that are popular in the country and abroad, in the future good movies need the support of the audience. He said that he started talking about the chairman of the development board because he was forced to promote Nepali movies. Pradeep has said that he feels that when the rules and regulations are changed during the screening of his film, he is now being attacked. Pradeep has said that it would be better to resign now than to hurt Hai by introducing different rules and laws.

The problems seen in the film industry are causing problems for the entire Nepali film industry, producers and actors, and the differences have started to be created after foreign films have received a large amount of credits. Film Development Board Chairman Bhuvan KC has said that he is constantly trying to solve this problem. There has been a controversy for some time that Nepali movies do not have their own identity, which has been countered by producers and actors.

Bhuvan KC is the chairman of the Film Development Board, so some people said that he did not give himself to him. Some people were angry saying that it was not his job to separate himself to wear it in the cinema hall and some people started defaming him by saying that Bhuvan did not give his name. He has requested not to discredit himself by saying that he will always support the artists and producers by removing the anomalies in the film industry.

He said that Nepali actors will have to live with the injustice of the Nepali film industry until the habit of talking behind their backs and looking at others when they are hurt is not broken. Pant said that since Balen Shah, who has been seen in Nepali politics recently, is doing very well, he should be supported by people from all walks of life. He said that as Nepali films did not find themselves in the films that were being screened, even Pradeep and Bhuvan cases had to be divided.

Bhuvan KC, the eternal hero of the Nepali film industry, has said that since all Nepali films are equally important to him, we have been raising our voice yesterday, today and tomorrow that Nepali films should get their own and Nepali films should continue. Casey said that most of the heroes and actresses are of the opinion that only their own films should be released, and it is wrong to talk about them when their films are not released. He says that when Indian movies are mixed with Nepali movies, since Nepali movies will fit its brand, Nepali and Indian movies should be shown in theaters by creating a proper kind of narrative.

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