Praising Paul, the rabbi of A Mero Hazur-4 explained the reason for removing Durgesh from the film.

Today’s headline in Nepal with presenter Sanjib Regmi, who has spent 4 decades in the field of Nepali cinema, saying that he has not learned art, with artist Rabbi Giri who has made significant contribution in the field of Nepali art, A Mero Hazur 4 movie and, The cause has been debated. After the Durgesh scandal involving the protagonist Paul Sah came to the fore, his acting has been removed from the film and, in conjunction with the heavily invested kgf movie, there has been talk about the impact it will have on the film.

He said that he was very happy that Rabbi Sunil and Jharna had given him challenging roles. Rabbi Le A Mero Hazur 4 has said that the movie is in conflict with kgf and Nepal, Nepali foreign movies are also needed, but the government should also make a rule that foreign movies and Nepali movies should be put in the hall. Although it is known that Durgesh Thapa was also filmed in the film, he said that it was not appropriate to talk about the subject that was fired at the last moment of the film.

In the important role of artists like Jharna Thapa, Sunil Thapa, Anmol Ke Su, Suhana Thapa and others who have been involved in the Nepali film industry for a long time, the Nepali film A Mero Hazur 4 will be released in the hall on the 1st of Baisakh. The film, directed by a woman, is directed by a member of her own household, who feels like her own, and when directed by an outsider, there is nothing to talk about, says Anmol. Rabbi has said that A Mero Hazur 4 is a movie based on love, which is suitable in Nepali society and the audience will come to watch the movie.

At a time when Nepali movies are lagging behind, Indian movies have found a good market, which is why many people are saying that Nepali movies are not playing. Many people are worried that the movie will be harmed, but Rabbi said that the movie will be released because he has full faith in the Nepali audience, the fans. She said that since she has made a film accordingly, she is sure that the audience will like her film.

A mero Hazur 4’s Taylor has come to the market, in which only the new generation of artists have been introduced. In the confrontation between Nepali films and Indian films, viewers have said that they are happy to enjoy the films made in their language, religion and culture on the occasion of the New Year. Rabbi says that even though Mamata is in love with Nepali movies, she is open-minded about how the movie will react. He said that he felt that foreign cinema had a bad effect on Nepali language and culture. According to the cast, the team of A Mero Hazur 4 is confident that the audience will like the Nepali language culture film made in Nepal more than the Indian film made with a lot of investment.

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