Prakash Saput #1 Trending Music Video New Version Pir re-up – similar to Pashupati Sharma case

Singer Prakash Saput has removed the scene of this ‘Nak Rmi’ from the video of his Pir song. Last week, her song was very popular.

The song included a scene in which a woman participant in the Maoist People’s War was seen doing business. The scene was criticized by some Maoist leaders and cadres.

After the song was criticized, singer Saput uploaded another video of the song on Saturday. In which the video showing the business in the old video has been removed.

The video was widely discussed on social media after Panch Singh, chairman of the Maoist student organization ANNISU-WU Krantikari, warned Prakash Saput to remove the song from YouTube.

“This video is reprehensible. Is it necessary to explain that women have gained freedom, justice and equality due to the people’s war, 33 percent participation of women in every body of the state has been ensured? ‘

Similarly, after Prakash Saput removed the scene, ANUSAVU Krantikari president Panch Singh said that Prakash Saput had won his heart. She wrote on social media: Prakash Saput ji has decided to remove the controversial scenes from the video. I would like to thank you for this decision.

The comments on social media calling for the removal of this controversial scene have been met with sympathy from friends who have seen the analysis of some self-proclaimed intellectuals and the haste of politicization sought to do so.

They were willing to sign every document of torture, but the Maoist school never taught them what was right and what was wrong. There were constant protests because the scene was wrong. Mistakes are made by people but few people have the greatness to correct mistakes with objective review of mistakes. Thank you very much, Prakash Saput, for being able to maintain that greatness. You have won my heart again. I wish you immense success for your future creations.

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