Prakash Saput buy car after home, Rajesh Hamal reached Melamchi for donation

Famous Nepali song and music personality Prakash Saput has bought a car. He shared the happiness of buying the car through social media on Wednesday. Posting a picture of the car on social media, he said it was the first car of his life. Singer Prakash Saput, who has made a name for himself in the Nepali music industry, had even bought a house in Kathmandu two years ago.

He has responded that by making the fact that he bought a car public, he has given an example to others that progress can be made by engaging in music. Prakash can be seen in the picture recently buying a new Hyundai car.

Prakash, who bought a white Creta car, wrote, “Dreamers can be inspired. You can get a car just by being an artist. ‘He also informed that the price of this car is Rs. 49 lakhs.

Speaking for car lovers on social media, he wrote, “Dreams, struggles, creations, success is mine, with you, support, best wishes.” Dreamers can be encouraged to “get in the car just by being an artist” is the first car of life

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